Breed Ambassadors

Want more information on Norwegian Elkhounds? Would you like to meet one nearby or in your state?

Our Breed Ambassadors are NEAA members from across the U.S. and Canada who have offered to answer questions and be a friendly resource. Some are breeders, many show dogs, others train in agility or performance, or work with therapy dogs, and all love Elkhounds.

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Forrest, Leslie & George

Kennel: Vikrest Norwegian Elkhounds
State: IL
City: Kildeer
Phone: -

Golladay, Mallory

Kennel: Blue Moon Elkhounds
State: IL
City: Elgin
Phone: -

Gonsalves, Christine M.

Kennel: Bona Elkhounds
State: MA
City: Acushnet
Phone: -

Graves, Sharin

Kennel: Bristlecone
State: CA
City: Colfax
Phone: -

Greene, Ruth

Kennel: -
State: CO
City: Superior
Phone: -

Haggerty, Glenda

Kennel: Greyplume
State: Grand Junction
City: CO
Phone: -

Hall, Edward

Kennel: Somerri Kennels Reg
State: NH
City: Merrimack
Phone: -

Jarrett, Renee

Kennel: Mik-Ren Kennels
State: CO
City: Loveland
Phone: -

Leeuwenburg, Ginger

Kennel: Graafin
State: CT
City: Putnam
Phone: -