As the parent club for the Norwegian Elkhounds in the United States, the NEAA is dedicated to preserving, promoting, and protecting this breed.  As such, the NEAA appoints a Legislative Liaison, a dog club member who follows local, state, and federal dog policy issues and provides a communications link between the AKC Government Relations Department and NEAA members.

The Legislative Liaison, along with his/her committee members, has dual responsibilities: both to report impending legislation that affects purebred dogs and their owners, as well as to assist the NEAA influence local, state, and federal legislative issues.  This is achieved by monitoring local news and keeping abreast of issues that may impact the sport of dogs, alerting the AKC to pending legislative issues in the communities or states of NEAA members, presenting news and interests of the purebred dog to lawmakers, the news media, and other citizens, sharing NEAA members’ experience and expertise with lawmakers and government officials as well as other interested fanciers, and alerting and preparing NEAA members for actions should a legislative initiative arise that requires input from purebred dog owners and breeders.   

If any NEAA members choose to join the Legislative Committee, just contact the Legislative Liaison or one of the current committee members.