All Elkhounds Deserve Homes...
So What Is The Difference?


A REHOME is a dog from known origins


A RESCUE is a dog from unknown origins.

Health in a Rehome

Health in a rehome is usually known, often with veterinary records. History such as temperament, socialization with cats or children, and behavior is usually known.

Health in a Rescue

Health in a rescue is usually unknown with no history or medical records. History of temperament or socialization and behavior is not known.

Rehome Sources

Rehomed dogs come from friends, family, neighbors, breeders, and other elkhound owners.

Rescue Sources

Shelters and strays. Not all dogs from rescue organizations are actually "rescues".

Rehome Tips

Breeders often rehome retired Champions, or young dogs that didn't quite make the cut for breeding or showing. Retired champions are used to traveling and often want and deserve their "own" person to bond with. Young dogs have usually been trained and have conformation good enough for the breeder to keep and re-evaluate when grown up. Senior dogs are also in need of homes, so keep an opening in your heart and home for a good old one.

Rescue Tips

Beware rescues that pose as non-profit but are just money makers. New legislations and ads for Adopt-Don't Shop, have made running a rescue a profitable business. Many of the dogs are purchased at auctions from brokers and puppy mills, then resold as "rescue". Also, diseases from "imports" are an issue that threaten U.S. dogs health. Local shelters or AKC breed club referral rescues are your best source.

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