All Elkhounds Deserve Homes...
So What Is The Difference?


A REHOME is a dog from known origins


A RESCUE is a dog from unknown origins.

Health in a Rehome

Health in a rehome is usually known, often with veterinary records. History such as temperament, socialization with cats or children, and behavior is usually known.

Health in a Rescue

Health in a rescue is usually unknown with no history or medical records. History of temperament or socialization and behavior is not known.

Rehome Sources

Rehomed dogs come from friends, family, neighbors, breeders, and other elkhound owners.

Rescue Sources

Shelters and strays. Not all dogs from rescue organizations are actually "rescues".

Rehome Tips

Breeders often rehome retired Champions, or young dogs that didn't quite make the cut for breeding or showing. Retired champions are used to traveling and often want and deserve their "own" person to bond with. Young dogs have usually been trained and have conformation good enough for the breeder to keep and re-evaluate when grown up. Senior dogs are also in need of homes, so keep an opening in your heart and home for a good old one.

Rescue Tips

Beware rescues that pose as non-profit but are just money makers. New legislations and ads for Adopt-Don't Shop, have made running a rescue a profitable business. Many of the dogs are purchased at auctions from brokers and puppy mills, then resold as "rescue". Also, diseases from "imports" are an issue that threaten U.S. dogs health. Local shelters or AKC breed club referral rescues are your best source.

Make a Difference Today

How NEAA Helps Elkhounds Find Homes

Please note that the Norwegian Elkhound Association of America (NEAA) does not in and of itself participate in the active rescue of Norwegian Elkhounds. Instead, the organization assigns a Rescue Chairman and Co-Chairman to a rescue committee whose job it is to update and maintain a network of contacts who aid in the re-homing of lost, abandoned or surrendered Norwegian Elkhounds.

These contacts, located in several states, cities and towns are run through the regional member specialty clubs of NEAA, or by well-established independent Norwegian Elkhound rescue groups comprised of dedicated volunteers.

While we do not have dogs available for adoption on this website, we gladly assist with questions and guidance for those looking to adopt, or those finding themselves in need of rehoming an elkhound. Our contact information is as follows:

Margaret Williamson            Amy Peterson
NEAA Rescue Chairman    NEAA Rescue Co-Chairman         

An elkhound can become a rescue for a variety of reasons and giving a home to a Norwegian Elkhound in need can be very rewarding.  Many of these dogs have lost their homes through no fault of their own, often due to aging owners, job transfers, family emergencies, or uncertain economic times.

If you are willing to open your heart to a Norwegian Elkhound in need that has lost its home, particularly to a dog who is senior or has some health or non-threatening behavioral  issues to manage, you will find that the love and devotion you get in return makes it all worthwhile. 

It is important to be aware that a good reputable rescue organization is open and transparent. Dogs rescued will have been properly vetted, be up to date on all shots, spayed/neutered if healthy enough, microchipped and when needed, treated for parasites.  Reputable rescues will charge a reasonable rehoming fee and may be able to assist in securing safe transport.

Reputable rescues will keep detailed records on every dog, will evaluate for any temperament issues and will not attempt to place dogs that are overly aggressive, have a bite history or have major health issues that are untreatable.  Reputable rescues will have you fill out a detailed questionnaire, do home checks where possible and will take the time to answer your questions and be willing to present all records pertaining to any dog you may be considering.  Matching your lifestyle with the right dog is a win for all.

Please Note: The Norwegian Elkhound Association of America shall NOT be liable for the accuracy of information received about the temperament, habits, or physical and medical condition of any Norwegian Elkhound obtained, adopted, or referred through information available on this web site.

This web site only provides a contact point for the exchange of information between individuals and organizations interested in elkhound rescue.

It shall be the sole responsibility of any individual entering into an agreement with any of the organizations listed below to ascertain for themselves the accuracy of all information presented for any Norwegian Elkhound made available for adoption before agreeing to that adoption.

Those who choose to volunteer their time and effort in assisting a rescue dog do so entirely of their own accord and without express or implied direction from the Norwegian Elkhound Association of America, its members, or anyone indirectly affiliated with the Norwegian Elkhound Association of America.

Below, you will find a listing of resources based in various geographical areas of the country that are deemed reputable.


Norwegian Elkhound Association of Southern California
Rescue Contact:  Mary Albee – 310-261-6391
Rescue Contact:  Tony Hernandez – 951-377-3531

Sacramento Sierra Norwegian Elkhound Club
Rescue Contact:  Sue Ellen Green – 916-965-6846

Northeastern Illinois Norwegian Elkhound Association
Rescue Contact:  Sue Lazar – 630-462-1817

Norwegian Elkhound Club of the Potomac Valley
Rescue Contact:  Pat Jarvis – 301-989-0866

Norwegian Elkhound Minutemen Association
Rescue Contact:  Nancy Delaney – 508-966-2218
Rescue Contact:  Nancee Greeley – 781-749-3645

Norwegian Elkhound Club of Southeastern Michigan
Rescue Contact:  Cindi Kinser – 248-674-0735
Rescue Contact:  Lisa Piascik – 586-218-8179

Norwegian Elkhound Association of Minnesota
Rescue Contact:  Andrea Carpentier – 651-429-9465
Rescue Contact:  Kim Chisholm – 651-888-1277

Garden State Norwegian Elkhound Club
Rescue Contact:  Sally Spear –

Puget Sound Norwegian Elkhound Association
Rescue Contact:  Jan Herinckx – 503-648-5508

Norwegian Elkhound Club of Greater Houston
Rescue Contact:  Dot Wallace – 979-647-4528

Puget Sound Norwegian Elkhound Association
Rescue Contact:  Jan Herinckx – 503-648-5508

Norwegian Elkhound Club of Canada
Rescue Contact:  Donna Surman –


John Nelsen Moosedog Rescue Fund
Email address:

Norwegian Elkhound Rescue & Referral of New England
Rescue Contact:  Cotton Silverman – 508-252-3909