NEAA Code of Ethics

The Norwegian Elkhound Association of America (NEAA) Code of Ethics shall serve to promote the highest ideals among owners and breeders of the Norwegian Elkhound. It shall aim to achieve the continued improvement of the Norwegian Elkhound within the framework of the breed standard as approved by The American Kennel Club. As a member in good standing of the Norwegian Elkhound Association of America, I subscribe to and am bound by the following NEAA Code of Ethics. As a Member I will:

  • Adhere to: a. The By-laws and constitution of the NEAA; and b. all the rules and regulations which may be adopted and promulgated from time to time by the American Kennel Club as may be applicable and as made available on their web site at
  • Abide by the principles of good sportsmanship in such a manner as to demonstrate honor and courtesy at all Norwegian Elkhound events, activities and competitions.
  • Acquaint all prospective owners with the advantages and disadvantages of owning a Norwegian Elkhound.
  • Attempt to aid and befriend any novice owner, exhibitor, or breeder.
  • Cultivate knowledge in the field of canine genetics and purchase dogs from breeders who resolutely work to eliminate hereditary defects in the Norwegian Elkhound.
  • First seek out the breeder of any dogs in need of placement in the event the animals’ owner is no longer able to provide or care for the dogs, before re-homing them.
  • Fully understand the parameters of “Limited Registration”. Upon maturity should a puppy’s registration be changed by the breeder to full AKC registration and if that dog is shown/bred, members will ensure that they follow the guidelines laid out in NEAA Breeder’s Guidelines and abide by NEAA Breeder’s Code of Ethics.
  • The NEAA Guidelines for Breeders of Norwegian Elkhounds shall be reviewed for additional principles and practices, from time to time, as may be recommended by the Norwegian Elkhound Association of America.

The Norwegian Elkhound Association of America, Inc. cannot and shall not be held responsible for the actions of any kennel or individual who engages in unethical practices or fails to abide by the NEAA Code of Ethics. The standard by which the NEAA shall determine whether a violation of the NEAA Code of Ethics has occurred is by a preponderance of the evidence.