Cowboy the Calendar Dog

Cowboy the Calendar Dog

AKC Canine Health Foundation Champions for Canine Health – March Calendar

AKC Canine Health Foundation feature a annual “Champions for Canine Health” calendar.  The calendar is a special AKC fundraising project that supports canine health research.

Norwegian Elkhound, MBISS GCHS RiverWind Windy Cove Midnight Cowboy CGCA, call name, “Cowboy,” is the March calendar dog.    The image was taken by NEAA member and owner, Mandy Smithers, during the annual spring Texas Bluebonnet picture taking season.  Mandy is also the NEAA official photographer.

Cowboy and the Camera

“Cowboy grew up having his picture taken all the time.  We literally started taking pictures of him when he was only a few days old.  We entered pictures of Cowboy in the annual JNMRF Howl ‘o Ween Contest many times to support elkhounds in need.  Cowboy was happy to help me learn new photography techniques.  He would happily sit in a chair, wear some sort of costume, or pose at the park at sunset.”

I was bragging to the Sheriff at work one day after Cowboy won Best of Breed at a big event and Sheriff Parkey remarked, in typical law enforcement humor, “so he’s wearing sunglasses, sipping Perrier, and signing autographs now”…..   

So that night I went home and totally set up the picture, Cowboy was happy to play along since he was rather impressed with himself and his big win.  

I successfully printed the picture and took it to work the next day to show the Sheriff, that yes, Cowboy was in fact, wearing sunglasses, sipping Perrier, and was available for autograph!

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